Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 80 - Han Xiaowan Is Pregnant
Chapter 80: Han Xiaowan Is Pregnant

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She drifted down her memory lane. Her sister had said, “Sister, let’s play a game.” She had locked Little Mo’er in the loft for three days and it wasn’t until Mo’er felt like she was about to die that she was discovered by the maid. Her lips were cracked and dry, her throat was parched and her cherubic face was pale and clammy. No one had noticed her disappearance.

By the time she had trudged back to the villa, she no longer had any energy. She had been surprised to see that the villa was even more beautiful than normal, it had been decorated with pretty flowers and colorful balloons since she had last seen it the few days prior. It was her sister’s third birthday party and Xiaowan was dressed like a little princess. Xiaowan wore a pink dress and was held closely by Qin Yawen while making wishes and blowing out the candles on the cake.

A pant of envy had rose inside her, but she swallowed it down. That day, her sister had smashed a slice of cake in her face and laughed out loud. She wanted little Mo’er to wish her happy birthday.

Little Mo’er was just like a clown, she knew that nobody would have found out even if she had died in the loft.


After these years, she still hadn’t figured out what she had done wrong.

Tang Mo’er got herself together and stopped Qin Yawen from slapping her, grabbing the woman by the wrist. This time, she was no longer going to tear up like a child. Instead, she allowed herself to laugh. “It’s such pity that you didn’t get to strangle me to death when I was young. You won’t get a chance to do so in the future. Han Xiaowan can never outwin me, I’m not only better at acting but also have a better background and upbringing. Her? All she could do was try to snatch my fiancé, but look at what has happened in the end. As long as I exist on the surface of this Earth, she will never be able to win over me. What does she have to offer that can compare with me? A bankrupted father who happens to be your husband?”

“How dare you!” Qin Yawen’s face was twisted in malice as Tang Mo’er dug out her deepest wound. She raised her hand again to hit Tang Mo’er.

“Madam, that’s enough! Don’t hit Mo’er, it isn’t her fault!” Su Zhe jumped in, standing between the two women.

“Brother, what spell did Tang Mo’er cast on you? How can you stand on that witch’s side? Do you know that Xiaowan is already pregnant? She is pregnant with your baby!” Su Shuiqin exclaimed.

Han Xiaowan is pregnant?!

Su Zhe’s pupils contracted, he lifted his eyes and looked at Han Xiaowan. “Xiaowan, you…”

Han Xiaowan looked at Su Zhe with glistening eyes as silent tears continued to stream out of her eyes. “Ah Zhe, our baby is already… two months old.”

Su Zhe’s emotions became even more complicated.

Tang Mo’er admired Han Xiaowan, she really did have great luck. Fate was unkind sometimes. How could Han Xiaowan be that lucky to happen to be pregnant just when Su Zhe decided to abandon her.

These people probably existed just to disgust her.

She let go of Qin Yawen’s hand and left.

Han Xiaowan signalled to Su Shuiqin. Su Shuiqin nodded and moved closer to Tang Mo’er, surreptitiously giving her a hard shove.

Tang Mo’er fell onto the ground hard, not having expected the push, and her head hit the edge of a sharp, craggy rock.

“Mo’er!” Just as Su Zhe was about to help Tang Mo’er up, Han Xiaowan intercepted and held him back. “Ah Zhe, my stomach is in pain. Is our baby going to be okay?”

Black shadows highlighted with white flecks started dancing in Tang Mo’er’s vision for a good thirty seconds. A steady crimson stream of liquid flowed from the open wound on her forehead as she lay sprawled on the floor from the fall.Hurts… Why does it hurt so much? She scraped at the ground, feeling around and trying to prop herself up, when she finally noticed the drops of red falling in front of her eyes. She reached out tentatively, feeling the warm blood on her fingertips.

Even with both hands on the ground, no matter how she struggled to get up, she couldn’t. She looked somewhat pathetic.

Su Shuiqin rolled up her sleeves and glared at Tang Mo’er fiercely as she snarled, “Tang Mo’er, I’ve always wanted to hit you, even if everyone else is afraid to do so!”

She raised her hand to slap Tang Mo’er’s face.

However, just as her hand was about to connect, someone grabbed her wrist right before she could do so. He held her wrist forcefully and a loud ‘crack’ could be heard. Su Shuiqin had suffered a fracture.

“Ah!!!!” Su Shuiqin screamed loudly as she tried to wrench her pained wrist from the unknown stranger. The person’s grip was as tough as a metal vice and she couldn’t free herself. From the corner of her eyes, she realized it was Gu Mohan standing beside her.

“Pre-President Gu…”

His deep eyes were were now sharp and cold and narrowed into fierce slits. His thin lips had formed an arch shape and set in a firm grimace. Bearing her no mind, he threw Su Shuiqin to the side as though she was a piece of trash.

He then squatted down to the ground and checked on Tang Mo’er. The eyes that raked across her injury were murderous. His voice was deliberately low that as he growled at her. “How is it that you let yourself be bullied? Tang Mo’er, I’m pretty sure you’ll die one day because of your stupidity!”

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