Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 81 - Tell Me Who Bullied You and I'll Make Sure to Bully Them Too, Okay?
Chapter 81: Tell Me Who Bullied You and I’ll Make Sure to Bully Them Too, Okay?

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Gu Mohan stretched out his large palm and carefully inspected the wound on Tang Mo’er’s forehead.

Tang Mo’er looked at the man standing before her. Why is it always him? He always appeared whenever she was in her worst state.

His rough fingertips pressed lightly against her delicate skin. He seemed to be angry about her injury, since his face was wrenched up like a twisted wet towel and his face was as dark as a looming thundercloud. She was touched by his concern and found her eyes watery. All she wanted was to just fall into his chest and be protected by him forever.

She had a realization, she was falling for him.

He always appeared, as though he was her Prince Charming whenever she needed help. She didn’t know when it had started, but she had become unconsciously dependent on him. He was an incomparably good-looking 30-year-old man who knew how to deal with her private issues. I’m falling for him. Hard.

She knew she couldn’t continue like this, she needed to keep her cool.

Such a man was out of her reach, she couldn’t afford to flirt with him. He was the leading conglomerate of the city and naturally had ‘socially appropriate’ women like Lu Qi’er all around him. They were from different worlds. She would never belong with him.

His world was dangerous and she didn’t want any part of it.

“Let go!” She shouted harshly, pulling herself away from him.

Gu Mohan froze for awhile, he looked at her and she stared back. They were both poker-faced, their expressions unreadable with their feelings hidden from view.

His eyes were perceptive as his gaze observed her. He understood. The more she was hurt, she more she behaved like a prickly porcupine, attacking anyone who tried to hurt her. Even if they only wanted to protect her. Her defences were strong, however, she would try to heal her own bloody wounds at night when she thought no one would be watching.

She was a stubborn and lonely spirit, but so pitiful. He couldn’t help but be drawn to her. The woman made him lose all his sensibilities.

Gu Mohan raised the corner of his lips as he spoke gently, “Does it hurt? Tell me who bullied you and I’ll make sure to bully them too, okay?”

He didn’t let go of her but instead, held her face even more firmly. He sounded like he was coaxing a tiny animal, his voice was unexpectedly calm and soothing.

He was sure that this little wild kitten would learn to trust him, as long as he was patient enough.

‘Bam!’ Tang Mo’er hit his hand away forcefully.

She had mustered all her strength and his hand turned red instantly.

Gu Mohan frowned and became somewhat depressed. He stared at her and the atmosphere became weirdly stifling.

Tang Mo’er placed her hands on the ground again, taking a deep breath as she slowly maneuvered herself up. She stumbled forward as quickly as she could manage.

However, she didn’t leave the area.

She walked to the front and picked up a stone before making a beeline towards Su Shuiqin with a clear purpose. As soon as she was close, she held onto the stone, striking quickly across Su Shuiqin’s head with a forceful thrust.

“Ah!!” Su Shuiqin screamed out in pain as she held onto her head and looked at Tang Mo’er in shock. “You b*tch, Tang Mo’er, how dare you hit me?”

The blood from Tang Mo’er’s forehead wound had trickled down her beautiful face. She maintained her poker face as she cocked her head at Su Shuiqin provocatively. “Anytime would be a good time to hit a dirty slut like you!”

Su Shuiqin started to tremble in fury but she didn’t dare to come forward to retaliate. Gu Mohan was still beside Tang Mo’er, forming an invisible barrier that protected Tang Mo’er from Su Shuiqin’s intended abuse.

Tang Mo’er threw the stone on the ground and walked beside Han Xiaowan. She looked at Han Xiaowan’s stomach and laughed while saying, “So you’re pregnant, congratulations.”

Han Xiaowan was terrified of Tang Mo’er. She hid behind Su Zhe and put on a terrified face, “Ah Zhe, what is Sister going to do? Please don’t allow her to hurt our baby.”

Su Zhe looked at Tang Mo’er in a complicated manner. He felt extremely conflicted.

“Why are you nervous? I don’t have even the tiniest bit of interest in your precious baby. What I am interested in… is the baby’s father.”

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