Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 82 - Su Zhe, I'll Give You Another Chance
Chapter 82: Su Zhe, I’ll Give You Another Chance

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Han Xiaowan frowned at Tang Mo’er’s provocative words and she instinctively hugged tighter onto Su Zhe.

“Mo’er, I…” Su Zhe didn’t know how to react.

“You don’t need to say anything more,” Tang Mo’er looked at Su Zhe coldly, “Su Zhe, I’ll give you another chance.”

Everyone was shocked after they heard Tang Mo’er’s words. Gu Mohan’s gaze sharpened, piercing into Tang Mo’er.

“Ah Zhe, please don’t be fooled by my sister. I’m pregnant with your baby, are you really going to abandon us now?”

Han Xiaowan was certain that her plans to use the baby to keep Su Zhe with her would work. She had great plans about gaining power in the Su family by making use of her baby. Tang Mo’er was never going to outwin her baby, even if she still was a virgin.

“Who said anything about abandoning the baby? The baby is innocent and Han Xiaowan is my sister after all. Since Xiaowan is pregnant, she should definitely give birth to the baby. You can give her a sum of money as compensation after the baby is born and I’m happy for the baby to call me Mommy. Su Zhe, we can raise the baby together.”

Han Xiaowan’s pupils narrowed, she looked at Tang Mo’er in disbelief. “You… what did you say?”

She would never have expected Tang Mo’er to come up with such a devious plan.

“You don’t understand my words? To put it simply, I’m going to take your baby and your fiancé.”

“Tang Mo’er, you can’t do this!” Han Xiaowan screamed as she broke down.

Qin Yawen couldn’t help but step forward to protect her daughter. She knelt down to help Han Xiaowan up and glared at Tang Mo’er furiously. “Tang Mo’er, why are you doing this, how could you do such a thing?”

Tang Mo’er looked at Qin Yawen indifferently before turning away dismissively.


“Su Zhe, I’ll give you one day to take care of matters with Han Xiaowan. Be sure to come pick me up tomorrow, I’ll take my leave first.” Tang Mo’er left without a backward glance.

Tang Mo’er walked out of the Bangkok villa and a red Ferrari was parked in front of her. Huo Beichen alighted from the car.

Huo Beichen looked at Tang Mo’er and whistled, “Beauty Tang, you’re here to find my brother? Lu Qi’er is here as well, seems like my brother is going to have the best of both worlds tonight.”

Tang Mo’er gave Huo Beichen a glance and smirked, “Your brother is going to hug Lu Qi’er on the left and who on the right? You? I didn’t know you were sponsored by your brother.”


Huo Beichen had only been making a joke but he didn’t expect Beauty Tang’s retaliation. She was joking right? Surely she was sarcastic about him having a special relationship with Gu Mohan.

His devilish eyes sank as he was met with dead silence. Her expression was serious. “Beauty Tang could you please open your eyes wide, I am straight as hell!”

Huo Beichen pointed at himself with indignation.

“Oh, you’re actually able to deal with both genders, you’re pretty good.”


Huo Beichen continued to glare at Tang Mo’er even after she had walked off. If it wasn’t due to the fact his second brother had shown interest in her, he’d definitely pull her onto the bed for a tangle in the sheets. That would show her whether he was truly straight.

A Bentley Mulsanne stopped in front of him and Fu Qinglun alighted. The two men entered the Bangkok villa together.

Gu Mohan side-eyed Fu Qinglun and spoke in a deep voice, “Qinglun, send Qi’er to the hotel. I’ve arranged for the Presidential Suite there.”

Fu Qinglun wore a presentable black shirt and he looked at Lu Qi’er before replying, “Okay.”

“Brother Mohan, can’t I stay here?” Lu Qi’er was an excellent singer and her voice was clear and pleasant to the ears. She looked at Gu Mohan expectantly while trying to gain his favor.

Gu Mohan remained impassive and shook his head decisively. “No.”

Lu Qi’er was disappointed but brightened up again soon after. “Okay then, I’ll take my leave, Brother Mohan.”

Lu Qi’er followed Fu Qinglun out to the awaiting car.

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