Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 83 - You Had an Affair, Mrs Han
Chapter 83: You Had an Affair, Mrs Han

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Su Zhe brought Han Xiaowan and Su Shuiqin away from the Bangkok Villa after they had made a scene. He walked up to Gu Mohan. “President Gu, I apologise for causing so much trouble. We will take our leave first.”

Gu Mohan nodded his head curtly and replied, “President Su, I won’t see you out then.”

Su Shuiqin didn’t dare to have any eye contact with Gu Mohan, she followed Su Zhe and left discreetly, holding her throbbing wrist.

Qin Yawen froze while standing on the spot. She looked at the Bentley Mulsanne that was parked far away. Fu Qinglun opened the passenger’s door and Lu Qi’er boarded the car elegantly.


Lu Qi’er…

She looked at Lu Qi’er’s shadow and wanted to chase after her.

She was stopped by a deep voice behind her. “Mrs Han, please stop for a little while.”

Qin Yawen was stunned and paused, making eye contact with Gu Mohan’s deep and narrow eyes.

She had only learnt of Tang Mo’er’s scandal with the capital’s leading wealthy businessman, Gu Mohan, after returning from her performance. Gu Mohan. So he was Gu Mohan.

“President Gu, is there anything I can help you with?”

Gu Mohan took out a cigarette from his trouser pocket and lit it up. The smoke was slowly blurring his distinct facial features. He put one hand in his trouser pocket, his sharp eyes focused on Qin Yawen in a manner that gave her the feeling she was being judged. “Mrs Han, there’s actually nothing much. I’d heard stories of you becoming a global goddess at the age of eighteen. I just wanted to have a chat with you.”

Qiu Yawen relaxed slightly, but still felt cautious around the man. His eyes were still on her as he continued. “The Qin family was also considered one of the wealthy and influential families in Karghalik. You were childhood friends with the young heir, Han Dong, because of the good ties between the Qin and Han families. Han Dong also behaved like a typical second-generation heir, he was young and knew how to coax you with his sweet words and lavish attention, hence the two of you became involved. However, Han Dong’s mother separated the two of you once your family started experiencing financial issues due to poor business management.”

“President Gu, where are you going with this?”

“You met Tang Hai at your darkest moment and he was only a secretary at the time. However, you still chose to get married to him since he loved you with all his heart. “The Red Sorghum” was the results of Tang Hai’s labour when he got you the opportunity to act in it. It was your representative work and you shot to fame shortly after.”

“I still don’t see how this relates to anything. If this is all you want to say, I’ll be leaving.”

“That should have been one of the greatest and happiest moments in your life, correct? Tang Hai doted on you very much, he couldn’t even bear to have you do any household chores. Back then, you were the epitome of success and had an aura that was very much worshipped and complimented all the time. Everyone wanted to be you. Isn’t that right, Mrs Han?”

Qin Yawen’s face went pale, it was paper white. This man had investigated her past.

Her past was revealed so easily by this man and it terrified her. His eyes were like x-rays, able to detect her deepest and darkest secrets.

Her blood ran cold.

Gu Mohan looked at Qin Yawen with one hand inside a trouser pocket. He held a cigarette in his other hand and his sexy lips formed an arrogant arch. He was unbelievably calm.

“You were going to lead your whole life as a goddess, but you felt something was missing. It finally appeared when Tang Mo’er was born, it was Han Dong.”

“Han Dong was your first love since childhood, there was no way that nerd, Tang Hai, could ever hope to outwin Han Dong’s romantic ways. Your peaceful life was disrupted by his flirtations and you had an affair, Mrs Han.”

His blunt words caused Qin Yawen’s pupils to shrink and her hands were formed into two fists. “That’s enough, don’t say anymore!!”

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