Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 84 - Tang Mo'er Is a Woman I’ve Taken a Fancy to, I Hope That Mrs Han Will Be More Courteous Towards Her
Chapter 84: Tang Mo’er Is a Woman I’ve Taken a Fancy to, I Hope That Mrs Han Will Be More Courteous Towards Her

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Gu Mohan stepped in front of Qin Yawen, his shadow falling over her. He looked down at her miserable face and continued speaking, “You were lovestruck and mesmerized by Han Dong and chose to divorce Tang Hai, marrying Han Dong shortly after. You may have been satisfied with everything in your first year of marriage, but you soon realized that Han Dong was actually a playboy.”


“The Han Corporation soon went downhill and he started to have late nights outside. You only realized that Tang Hai was a good man after Han Dong spent his time having affairs with his many secretaries. But it was too late, Tang Hai had already remarried and he didn’t give you a second chance. His heart was broken by you and he was never going to treat you how he did before again.”

Qin Yawen flinched at the painful memory, but otherwise said nothing. She was trembling from head to toe as his voice continued to drone on with no emotion.

“Performing turned from a hobby to a career for you since you needed to be the breadwinner for the Han family. You were a goddess who never needed to lift a finger in the past, but with Han Dong, it was a completely different story. You were tired and angry. You became a snobbish woman with an exhausting schedule over the years. In that period, Tang Hai had even become the Mayor and remarried with a new family. You were jealous and unleashed out all of your anger on Tang Mo’er, isn’t that right, Mrs Han?”

Qin Yawen’s legs went weak and she collapsed onto the ground. She held her face and shook her head miserably while saying, “That’s enough, I don’t want to listen to such words!”

Gu Mohan finished smoking his cigarette and used his shoe to put out the cigarette. Both his hands were placed in his trouser pockets and he looked at Qin Yawen impassively. “I only have one purpose in saying all this. Tang Mo’er is a woman I’ve taken a fancy to. I hope that Mrs Han will be more courteous towards her from now on.”

His figure looked over her and she flinched. “To be honest, Mrs Han, I’m a straightforward person. Don’t blame me if I do anything nasty to your family the next time I catch you trying to slap Tang Mo’er.”

Qin Yawen’s entire body was shaking, the man was more than scary. He looked elegant and refined, but in fact used frightening measures to threaten people into submission.

How did Tang Mo’er even get involved with such a terrifying man?

Tang Mo’er stood on the streets while she tried to hail a cab since her chauffeur, Uncle Foo, wasn’t able to be there for her.

She wasn’t able to hail a cab, even when a few cabs drove past her. A sports car then stopped right in front of her and she saw a rich second-generation heir sitting inside when the window went down.

The rich second-generation heir sized up Tang Mo’er and realized she was Karghalik’s greatest beauty. It was his lucky day to have met her today.

“Beauty Tang, where are you going? Let me give you a lift?” The rich second-generation heir looked at her with an indecent look on his face.

Tang Mo’er felt that she was truly unlucky, everything was going wrong in her life. She didn’t have the spare patience to deal with the heir and so she left without any hesitation.

The heir was even more interested in Tang Mo’er when she saw her leave arrogantly. He thought to himself that she was truly unique.

He opened the car door and followed Tang Mo’er while trying to pacify her, “Beauty Tang, Big Brother here didn’t have bad intentions. I really like you and I’ll only dote on you if we’re together. C’mon, give me a chance?”

Tang Mo’er continued walking without turning around.

The heir was angered, he grabbed on to Tang Mo’er’s thin wrist and refused to let go.

Tang Mo’er was forced to stop walking and she glared at the heir and exclaimed, “Let go!”

Let go? Whoever let go of this chance was a dumb*ss! It was late at night and Beauty Tang was all alone. If he took her to the car for a few rounds of in-and-out, who would know?

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