Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 86 - Sorry, I Can't Help but Feel Disgusted
Chapter 86: Sorry, I Can’t Help but Feel Disgusted

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Tang Mo’er was shocked. The cab driver was right, when she turned back to take a look, a Maybach was following the cab.

What is he trying to do?

Why was he pestering her when he already had a fiancée? She didn’t own many things in life and she wasn’t willing to lose her heart to him.

“Mister, please just continue driving and ignore him.”


The night was quiet at Tang Mo’er’s apartment, not a sound could be heard. The lock of the entrance door turned with an audible ‘click’ and a dark figure walked inside her apartment.

Gu Mohan unlocked the door and walked in.

The apartment was dark since there weren’t any lights switched on. Gu Mohan scanned the apartment but there wasn’t anyone around.

He went straight to the bedroom and opened the door. There was a small light switched on in the room and Tang Mo’er was fast asleep in the corner of the room. Her legs were curled up and she hugged her knees in a fetal position.

She looked like a little cat since she was snuggled up.

Gu Mohan’s frosty heart melted, his strong facial features becoming more gentle. He walked in front of her, carefully picking her up and placing Tang Mo’er onto her bed.

Her silky hair fanned out across the pillow and she looked deliciously attractive and pure, snuggled in the light sheets. Her tiny face was pale and she looked pitiful as her eyelashes fluttered when she adjusted herself, though her eyes remained closed.

She was frowning, captured in an unpleasant dream.

“Mom, Mo’er is hurt, won’t you hug me…” She mumbled in her sleep like a child in need of her mother’s love.

Gu Mohan sat on the side of her bed and caressed her face with his fingertips. He raised the corner of his lips, his voice tender as he spoke soothing words of comfort, “Poor little one, forget about finding your mother to dote on you, okay? You already have a man who will do anything to dote on you.”

He wasn’t sure whether it was because she heard his words, but two streams of tears fell from the corners of her eyes.

Gu Mohan leaned onto her lightly and kissed away her tears.

It was said that when a man kissed a woman’s tears, it would cause a heart wrenching pain.

Gu Mohan kissed her all the way from the corners of her eyes and paused on her pouty red lips. He tried to regulate his breathing again. Although he didn’t manage to have sex with her last night, the wild desire surged up at the memory and he could still feel the heat from their bodies entwined.

He held her hand in his and captured her lips once again, pushing his tongue inside her mouth. Her womanly scent enraptured him and he leaned into her neck, taking in the smell, his voice low and husky.

“I’m going to forgive you since you’re so pitiful today. I’ll just treat your plans to get back together with your ex-fiancé as a joke. Tang Mo’er, I’ll give you some time to resolve this matter and if you’re going to stay with that jerk, I’m going to hurt him before it’s your turn.”

“Tang Mo’er, you’re not going to escape from me since you’re the one who provoked me from the beginning.”

The next morning.

Tang Mo’er realized that her forehead wound had been dressed and there was a plaster stuck over it. What had happened, why didn’t she remember dressing the wound herself?

Did I remember wrong?

Her ringtone started to sound, it was Qi Xi.

“Hello Mo’er, did you ask for a spot from Mr Gu? The nominations for the DHA endorsement are tomorrow.”

Tang Mo’er pouted, she almost forgot about it. She regretted not asking Gu Mohan for the favor since she didn’t know how to approach him after things had gone bad.

“Qi Xi, could you please help me check on Gu Mohan’s whereabouts. I’m going to approach him about the position.”

“Mo’er, you could just give Mr Gu a phone call…”

“I forgot to tell you…”


“I’ve broken up with Mr Gu.”

“What?” Qi Xi jumped up in shock, “Mo’er, it’s not April Fool’s Day today, could you please stop joking? He is President Gu, as in, top conglomerate and highly successful businessman President Gu, who happens to also be the top person overseeing DHA Diamond. Are you crazy? How could you break up with him? How are we going to get the position now that you two have broken up?”

Tang Mo’er was determined and she replied, “Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to get it. Leave it to me.”

She ended the phone call before changing into a fitting red dress and leaving the apartment in a pair of stilettos.

Su Zhe was waiting downstairs with his Jaguar and he looked hopefully at her.

“Mo’er, you promised me another chance yesterday. I still feel as though I’m in a dream. Let’s start afresh from today onwards.”

Tang Mo’er looked at Su Zhe’s handsome face under the bright sun, his tentative and caring smile. He hadn’t changed, he was still the Brother Su she remembered from her memories.”

“Su Zhe, those words were only meant for Han Xiaowan, please don’t take it seriously. Just forget I said anything about getting back together.”

Su Zhe was stunned. “Mo’er…”

“Su Zhe, I can’t do it. I can’t forget what I saw with my own two eyes. You were the male lead in your own iteration of an adult video with Han Xiaowan. You’ve even gotten the female lead pregnant. I really can’t deal with this. I’m sorry, I’m really too disgusted. I just can’t.”

She was referring to the scene where she saw Su Zhe and Han Xiaowan having sex in the corridor. F*ck! Su Zhe felt defeated, he knew that it was impossible for him to make it up to her after the damage has been caused.

“Mo’er, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. What do you want me to do?”

“I’m going to expose Han Xiaowan, but I need your cooperation. You shouldn’t meet Han Xiaowan or pick up her phone calls for a few days. She’s going to lose it once she thinks that we’re back together again.”

Su Zhe nodded his head and replied, “Mo’er, even if I don’t know what your plans are, this time, I’ll definitely stand by your side.”

“Thank you, I believe that you won’t be disappointed when Han Xiaowan reveals her true self.”

This was the best opportunity. Han Xiaowan was pregnant, she wouldn’t be able to take it if Su Zhe got back together with her.

If she was able to reveal Han Xiaowan’s true self in front of Su Zhe, and expose the pretentious b*tch for who she was, it would simply be too exciting.

The ringtone rang, Qi Xi had sent her a messageーMr Gu is at the CC bar.

CC bar.

Tang Mo’er alighted from the Jaguar and stood in front of the bar while waiting for Gu Mohan’s arrival.

A luxurious car stopped before her. Yan Dong got down and opened the car door and Gu Mohan alighted from the car.

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