Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 87 - Mr Gu, Please Stop for A Moment
Chapter 87: Mr Gu, Please Stop for A Moment

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Gu Mohan wore a black shirt that day. There were two buttons left unbuttoned and his collarbone was revealed. Tang Mo’er had thought that he looked best wearing a white shirt but she was blown away by him when he wore a black shirt. He looked casual yet attractive.

Someone else alighted from the car, it was Lu Qi’er, who wore a long white dress that moulded attractively around her slender body. She was elegant and beautiful while she stood beside Gu Mohan.

There were two other luxurious cars that parked behind them, it was Fu Qinglun and Huo Beichen.

“Mo’er, Lu Qi’er is not only the beloved daughter of the Lu family, she’s also the granddaughter of the Lin family. The Fu, Huo and Lin family have close ties with the Gu family and hence the four are childhood friends. Since Lu Qi’er only arrived in Karghalik yesterday, the three men probably brought her to the bar to have some fun.” Su Zhe stood beside Tang Mo’er and explained patiently.

Lu Qi’er was indeed a big shot, she was the only daughter of the Lu family and the granddaughter of the Lin family. She was born to be in Gu Mohan’s social circle, one that Tang Mo’er would never be able to enter. Although Su Zhe had an ulterior motive in saying that, he was speaking the truth.

Tang Mo’er pushed her hair to the back of her ear once she saw Gu Mohan and company walking in her direction. She then walked in front while wearing her stilettos and spoke laughingly, “Mr Gu, please stop for a moment.”

Gu Mohan saw Tang Mo’er at first glance, he then looked at Su Zhe with his deep and narrow eyes. His gaze fell back onto Tang Mo’er and he asked with an indifferent tone, “Is there anything I can help you with?”

“Yes I’ve got something to ask of you, do you have the time now?”

“Oh, isn’t that Beauty Tang?” Huo Beichen couldn’t help but speak up in excitement. He still clearly remembered being ridiculed by her the previous night. He looked at Su Zhe, who stood beside Tang Mo’er, before asking, “Beauty Tang, you’ve got to be pretty easy judging by the speed you change the men around you.”

Su Zhe frowned as he was displeased. He stood in front of Tang Mo’er defensively. “Mr Huo…”

“Yes, who’s as loyal as Mr Huo? You’ve never changed the men around you.” Tang Mo’er looked purposefully at Gu Mohan while implying that he was Huo Beichen’s man.


Huo Beichen was pissed off, he had emphasized time after time again that he was straight!

He wanted to argue with her, but he noticed that Gu Mohan was glaring at him with a cold and uninviting look.

Huo Beichen speedily shut up but he wasn’t happy about it. His brother had protected his woman by being defensive and disregarded him instead.

“President Gu, could we have a word.” Tang Mo’er looked at Gu Mohan once again.

Gu Mohan was displeased when she saw her never-ending smile. He noticed that she was truly a beauty. She wore a red dress that complemented her white skin and distinct facial features.

He felt as though yesterday’s scene of Tang Mo’er crying for her mom to dote on her was all a figment of his imagination.

Gu Mohan walked beside her and his tall body covered her line of sight. He asked in a low and masculine voice, “What are we going to talk about? Is it regarding the DHA endorsement?”

He knows about it?

She recognized his manly body scent as he got closer to her. With the scent stuck in her mind, she was subconsciously swayed by it. Her hands curled up and she rejected his temptations.


She placed her hair behind her ear and Gu Mohan was able to see her delicate earlobes.

He placed his hands in his trouser pocket and whispered by her ear, “Tang Mo’er, am I qualified to have some fun with you now? Could you loosen my belt for me?”

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